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Welcome to Baxter

Tall buildings, bumper to bumper traffic, several shopping malls and hotels cannot be the yardstick to measure the popularity of a city. Even a small city with population of about 1000 also can become a very popular city. That is the city of Baxter, a part of Jasper County, Lowa, of United States of America. This small city measures about 1.68 kilometers in area is the home for multiracial population consisting of Ethnic American (Hispanic), White American, African American and Asian. The city is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and it is very well connected by road from Des Moines, Ames and from several other neighboring cities. In fact, Des Monis which is just a few minutesí walk from Baxter is a popular business center. Interestingly, you find several industries and other business houses located very near to Baxter city of Lowa. The city offers plenty of opportunities for business and manufacturing units to start their venture here. In fact, some of the land exclusively earmarked for such business activities has already been sold. Few more pieces of land are available and those who are interested may contact the city office for further details.

The city has a community school as also an early learning centre. In addition to this you also find an exclusive fire station and police station. The early learning school conducts special programs for children in the age group of 3 to 4 years and it conducts summer classes for children in various age groups. In addition to these, you also find a health centre and ambulance service which is available 24 X 7 X 365. The Bethany United Church of Christ conducts weekly service and of course, every day the church is thrown open to devotees. In addition to thia, you also find the historic Congregational United Church of Christ which was established in the year 1885. This church conducts various programs for the welfare of the people of Baxter. With so much of facilities available, there has been consistent demand for housing plots in Baxter city. Of course, the appropriate government agency has earmarked few pieces of land exclusively for housing activities. If your pet is sick, never mind; there is a Central Veterinary Services centre which is located just at walking distance from the city.

To further the growth of industrial and business activity in around the city, the Baxter Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO) was established in the year 2000 which is charged with the responsibility of future growth of Baxter; both in industrial and housing sector. This agency has been entrusted with necessary powers to ensure such development. There is also a recreation centre and sports complex which has facilities for playing games like Football, Basketball and Baseball and so on. Apart from these, there is a public library as also the Baxter recreation centre. The recreation centre also houses a small reading room where you get numerous magazines, newspapers and various other interesting books. There is also an indoor games complex where you can play cards, Chess and many more games.

Nor far away from the city, you find a public park as also wild wood park and golf resort. In the year 1983, the Government established the Ashton Observatory which is just a few minutesí drive from the city. Several scientists in the field of astronomy and astrophysics work in this observatory. The observatory is also open to public during specified periods. That would be a wonderful opportunity to see the galaxy in that unknown space. In addition to this, you also find a civil organization which conducts various kinds of program for kids, adults and even for aged people. That would be provide an opportunity for the individual to exhibit his/her talents.

You also find several hotels, restaurants and bars in and around Baxter city. Since the recent past, this small city has gained in popularity and the demand for both residential and commercial plots have increased considerably. You may visit the website of Baxter city to know more about the various activities and the opportunities available in this small city.

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